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Turn the pages of history and you’ll find several examples of the transformational powers in vested, powers that are capable of achieving wonders that were never thought to be possible. Perhaps, one of the finest illustrations of it is West Palm Beach’s formation. A city that rose from a sandy scrub to become the seat of Palm Beach County. So, how did it all happen? It all started when Henry Flagler decided to extend his railway line further, thus sowing the seeds of development in an uninhabited land. Soon enough, wave after wave of change swept in that sculpted the region into a bustling metropolis, whose sun-soaked ambiance, palm-lined avenues, sublime waterfront views, peaceful neighborhoods and an enriched art, culture and history scene, attracted people from all over the country.

The best and the worst

West Palm Beach has a lot to offer to its residents; from its scenic views to its exceptional quality of life, the city is simply perfection personified. However, despite all that it offered

The land boom in 1920s fueled the city’s growth, but little did the burgeoning community realize that there was a disaster in the making. In 1928 the Okeechobee hurricane stifled the economy, crushed properties and plunged the land into chaos. Soon the recovery started, only to be thwarted again by a Category 4 hurricane in 1949. Then Hurricane David came along in 1979, bringing with it high speed winds that shattered windows, ripped off roofs and caused damage. The event was repeated again between 2004 and 2005, when three hurricanes – Jeanne, Frances and Wilma – tore apart the city.

As grim as it may seem, West Palm Beach has almost always bounced back. Its tight-knit community unites every time in the face of disaster to rebuild their lives – and West Palm Beach AC Services empowers them to do just that.

Where and how have we helped?

The longer the flood waters are left standing in properties, the greater the damages – and we know this. Consider the recent 2017 Hurricane Irma that lashed out at the region. While it shook the city –we helped it hold its ground, getting to client locations within 30 minutes after receiving calls on 561-454-8031, extracting flood waters, drying up the property, and restoring all the damage done. Our priorities lie in serving the community, so it doesn’t matter if the power’s out, or the streets are flooded – we’ll get to you, one way or another!

Our services:

  • West Palm Beach AC Services West Palm Beach, FL 561-454-8031Water leak detection and fix
  • Restoring fire and smoke damage
  • Post-disaster clean up
  • Eliminating toxic odors and decontamination
  • Carpeting, flooring, roofing, painting etc
  • Rebuilding solutions
  • Custom renovations and remodeling

When your life is thrown out of balance, trust us to restore it. Call 561-454-8031.

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