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Air conditioners have come in to become an integral part of our existence today and they are of an ever increased importance in the light of the horrid summer and hot spells which are observed in West Palm Beach, FL. Although buying an air conditioner is something most people are convinced about, they do not give due importance to the fact that the air conditioner at the end of the day is also a machine and like other machines, it too needs its share of maintenance and upkeep. The truth of the matter however is that if you do not pay due heed to maintaining your AC, you can end up with increased utility bills, along with increased chances of your air conditioner eventually breaking down.

This is why West Palm Beach AC Services has been a proponent of routine air conditioner maintenance and we take up this important task effectively for our clients. Be it residential clients or the owners and operators of commercial facilities, we receive calls for support from all of them on 561-454-8031 and are the AC maintenance and repair services provider of choice .

Why preventive maintenance pays for itself?

If you think that there isn’t any cost involved in maintenance services for air conditioners, then think again. There hardly will be any company which will offer these services for free, but as a consumer, think of AC maintenance services as a sort of insurance against any future unforeseen issues. Not only will effective maintenance keep your AC in smart working condition at all times, it will also improve the output of the unit and in turn reduce the overload on it, and thereby help you in rationalizing your energy expenditures.

Our Multi-Point Maintenance Checklist:

Below is West Palm Beach AC Services’s ardent approach to perform maintenance checks for your air conditioning systems:

  1. West Palm Beach AC Services West Palm Beach, FL 561-454-8031Check for any wear and tear which might have surfaced on the outside
  2. Checking for the level of refrigerants and any leaks will be fortified and corrected
  3. Any clogs or leaks in the duct work of your air conditioners will be corrected
  4. The operation of the thermostat sensor will be inspected
  5. Lubrication of the motors, bearings and any other moveable components of your air conditioner
  6. Checking the compressor overall operation and health
  7. Unclogging of the air filters and removal of any silt deposits from them
  8. Inspecting of all wirings and electrical circuits in the main unit
  9. Drain lines and condensate pans are flushed off any water deposits or silt
  10. Addition of Algaecide tablets to fight organic proliferation
  11. Checking Controls and other systems for breaches
  12. Cleaning of Equipment exteriors and air grills
  13. Identification of any performance issues in the air conditioning unit as a whole
  14. Carry out the necessary repairs
  15. Checking the performance output to close the AC maintenance job with satisfaction

Maintenance plans to fit your budget:

A lot of marketing brains are put in the air conditioner maintenance plans by a host of service providers in the West Palm Beach, FL today. If you are not skeptical and scrutinizing enough with these, you may end up paying way more than what is the justified price for these services. Try and stay clear of these by basing your choice of the most appropriate AC maintenance service provider on the testimonials and feedback which you receive from happy and satisfied customers. We are a distinctive service provider in this regard, and the numerous customers who we have serviced in the past will vouch for our plans and how cost effective and justified they are.

AC maintenance is a crucial task and this cannot be left at the hands of dubious service providers. Make the choice of going with West Palm Beach AC Services and contact us on 561-454-8031 to give your air conditioners the care they deserve!